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Law Enforcement is paid for by our US Tax Dollars.
We will no longer allow our dollars to be weaponized against us.

Report Misconduct

Hey, what is this site?

FilePoliceReport.com is a database of police misconduct videos, aggregated by the team at /r/2020PoliceBrutality, and put into an easily digestible format. We are the product of thousands of people working together to provide journalist, everyday people, politicians, your mom, our friends, every one access to videos that all to often get forgotten and never face justice.

Is this site safe for work?

No. No, it is not. The videos contain people getting hurt, sometimes fatally. If you aren’t ready to face that sort of reality but still want to get involved then we suggest
contacting political action groups like the ACLU or Black Lives Matter and seeing how you can help there.

How can I help?

We know it’s not easy but you can look through these videos. If you feel a crime was committed you can file a report to the police department responsible. This site gives you the evidence and provides a Google search to get you started.

Will I get in trouble?

The legal answer is no. There is nothing wrong with filing a police report for evidence you saw. Although, in some parts of the country, the police will not take a police
report kindly. But, the majority of charges against police misconduct came from citizens just like yourself. People who stood up for their lawful right to justice and protection.

If I wasn’t there, can I still file a police report?

Yes, yes you can. Anyone can file a report if they find evidence of wrong doing. Legally, you are covered. As we alluded to up top, police officers are civil servants. They
are sworn to law and order. That law and order is designed by the people. There is no government without it’s people.

Will I have to give my information?

Honestly, we can’t call it. The process of filing a police report is not standardized. We wish it was, it would be much easier to submit evidence. Every county and city has
their own rules about how to file a claim. In some places, you might have to go into your local department and file a complaint. In some counties you can file online and
anonymously. If you find yourself needing help, find pro-bono lawyers, or reach out to /r/2020PoliceBrutality.

How can I help without filing a police report?

We are a crowd sourced hub of information. You can Report Brutality, you can add information, or you can reach to /r/2020PoliceBrutality and ask how you can help. Lastly, you can share this site. You can share these videos. We can make sure the people harmed in these videos get justice and aren’t forgotten.

Is this site anti-police?

No. Absolutely not. Police officers are people, they have families, friends, goals, and lives. If you find yourself on this site that means someone believes you did something wrong and submitted the evidence. If you want to contact us to explain, we are all ears. The truth is, we wish we had no evidence and we could shut this site down.

Ok, I’m ready.

Ok, take a long breath. The videos below are graphic and real. Take care of yourself, of your mind, and we know this can be overwhelming. If it is, take a break.

Real quick, how this works.

All this information is an effort from thousands of people. If you find information that is wrong, missing, or broken or if you have information, like who to email in your county for a police report, then please use our contact form so we can verify it. Everyone working together is extremely powerful.


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